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Why is it worth investing in?

What is photovoltaics, or a photovoltaic installation? It is a set of devices that allows you to convert solar radiation into electricity. Photovoltaics in the form of its own system will effectively reduce the amount of electricity bills almost to zero and with a one-time investment, will allow you to generate profits for many years.

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    Financing of a photovoltaic installation

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    The main and basic elements of a photovoltaic set are:

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    Frequently asked questions about photovoltaics

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    How does photovoltaics work in your home?

    The scheme of operation of a photovoltaic installation is very simple. The panels, when exposed to daylight, generate electricity. We can install photovoltaic panels in a convenient location - on a sloping roof, on a flat roof (flat roof) and on a substructure on the ground. Their number depends on the power of a single panel and the desired power of the entire installation, while their size is similar, regardless of the manufacturer, and the product itself is available in various aesthetic and performance variants.

    What is needed besides the panels?

    With the help of an inverter and appropriate protections, the energy generated by the panels (direct current) can be passed on in the form of alternating current. The alternating current flows in the internal power installation of the facility and the entire low voltage network. The generated energy will be used for the needs of current electricity consumption, and its excess will be fed into the power grid.

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    Check the financing conditions for the photovoltaic installation

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    What about excess energy?

    The excess energy that has been fed into the grid is counted by a two-way meter, and then it is balanced against the electricity consumption. It should be remembered that the panels produce energy during the day, hence the energy from the increased production will be fed into the grid. This energy, however, comes back to us whenever we need it. The easiest way is to use a pictorial example: surplus introduced to the grid in summer, we will collect in winter, when we have less access to daylight and our consumption increases.


    Photovoltaic installations do not require any maintenance, operate fully automatically and have several dozen years of service life. You do not need to wash your panels or snow them, they are also resistant to weather conditions. The inverter connects to the Internet, which allows you to remotely read the amount of produced energy. In addition, each of the manufacturers also offers applications for mobile devices. If you have advanced needs, you can buy additional devices on the market that will allow you to advanced monitoring and management of the installation.

    Photovoltaics are nothing but benefits


    It will cover up to 100% of the electricity needs for a home or business.


    produce energy yourself, electricity prices are rising and will continue to rise.

    on grid

    Recover unused energy thanks to connection to the network in the on grid system.


    Lower your energy bills, you will gain up to 80% per year.

    6 years

    Enjoy the profit, the cost of photovoltaic installation will pay off in just 6 years.

    30 years

    Long service life of the installation: after 25 years not less than 80% efficiency.

    25 years

    Reliability, including 10-year manufacturer's warranty and 25-year performance warranty.

    1 day

    Fast and non-invasive assembly, most assemblies are made in 1 day.


    Ecological source of energy, no emissions, incl. exhaust gas and C02.


    The set works and produces energy also on cloudy days.
    IInstallation is maintenance-free - it just works!

    Do you want to know more?

    In the Knowledge Base tab you will find frequently asked questions on the subject of photovoltaics, as well as a glossary of basic terms and a guide for the investor. Exactly all the essential information you need.

    Knowledge base
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    Leave it to us!

    But you don't have to - you can leave it to us. We will take care of all stages of your investment, including defining your needs and preparing a project. We will also help in obtaining financing and install and run your finished installation