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Photovoltaic installations

At Erato Energy, we install effective and tailored photovoltaic installations. We deal with photovoltaics, i.e. the assembly of sets of devices that produce electricity from solar energy.

Photovoltaic installations are our only area of activity - hence we specialize in their selection, as well as design and assembly. Our headquarters are in Warsaw, but we operate throughout Poland. Our many years of experience have allowed us to develop a system of the highest quality of service, which ensures satisfaction and satisfaction of our customers.

Our passion is photovoltaic installations, i.e. those that are based on energy obtained from renewable energy sources, i.e. directly from the sun. Photovoltaics produces electricity directly from solar energy. The operation of a photovoltaic installation is very simple, and you can read about it in the Photovoltaics tab. We have a wide range of products, thanks to which we introduce flexible and individually tailored solutions. Investing in a photovoltaic installation pays off and also does so very quickly (returns the investment in 5 years) when it is tailored to your needs. That is why we tailor each of our offers - we offer solutions that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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Find out more about photovoltaics

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We assemble installations by ourselves!

We have many years of experience in the assembly of photovoltaic installations. We deal with installation both among individual and business customers..

We can tailor photovoltaics to your needs for home, business, industry and farmers. We are proud of the trust our customers place in us - we have already completed over 2600 installations throughout the country. We are glad that most of them use our services again, expanding their installations with new solutions.

Photovoltaic installations assembled by us are made of the highest quality products with long-term reliability guarantees. We have our own assembly teams - we train our employees ourselves, so we guarantee that our installers have the necessary technical knowledge and work with the help of professional equipment.

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Frequently asked questions about photovoltaics

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What makes us stand out?

We make sure that our offer is the best on the market.

Knowledge and experience
Over 5 years of experience in the industry, we have already completed over 3200 photovoltaic installations throughout Poland.
Tailored to your needs
The installation pays for itself quickly if we tailor it Each of our projects is designed with attention to your individual needs.
We handle the entire investment ourselves, from design to assembly. We have our own assembly teams, we also provide service.
Professional installation
We believe in people, we employ and train our installers ourselves. Our installations are performed quickly, reliably and non-invasively.
Long-term warranty
We only use the highest quality products. Each of them is guaranteed to work reliably, efficiently and for many years.
Photovoltaic installations cover up to 100% of the energy demand, while ensuring a quick return on investment - in just 5 years!
Lowest prices
Thanks to comprehensive service, as one of the few, we are able to offer the highest quality products at an attractive price.
We work with banks and offices to provide you with assistance in obtaining funds and subsidies for the investment.

We win with the price of the installation.

We have the best installation price on the market!

Check the financing conditions for photovoltaic installations

We make sure that our offer is the best on the market.

Photovoltaic installations do not have to be expensive. We offer our clients the most modern solutions and provide the highest quality products, consistently at a low price. We constantly monitor the possibilities of obtaining the most advantageous forms of financing and co-financing. We cooperate with banks and institutions. More on this topic can be found in the Financing tab. We prepare project documentation and carry out all formalities, providing comprehensive assistance in obtaining financing and subsidies.

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Installation? We will advise you!

Photovoltaics is inexpensive, as the investment pays for itself in 5 years. For that to be the case, it must be matched to the individual needs of each of us.

All our projects are prepared with the utmost care and attention to individual customer needs. We professionally advise which solutions will work at home or in the company, ensuring the fastest possible return on investment. We treat each project individually, providing advice and assistance in determining individual factors that affect the final price of a photovoltaic installation.


We are here for you!

You do not need to be familiar with photovoltaic installations, because we know them! We will take care of all stages of your investment in photovoltaics, that is, first we will define your needs, then we will prepare a project for you and help you obtain financing, and finally we will professionally install and launch the ready photovoltaic installation.

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