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Financing your photovoltaic installation

Are you looking for financing for a photovoltaic installation? A great choice - investing in photovoltaics will bring many benefits from the very first day of work. Financing a photovoltaic installation will work when you want to pay off the cost of photovoltaics in instalments. Photovoltaics will allow you to reduce energy bills to the number of fees only, and the investment costs will pay off after approx. 6 years. A photovoltaic installation will work and bring profits even several dozen years longer. There are many advantages - that's why we help you get the best offers.

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    A subscription for photovoltaics is an offer tailored to the needs of individual customers, primarily owners of residential houses. You are looking for a bank that offers a dedicated subscription for ecological solutions or renewable energy sources, i.e. directly photovoltaic installations. We work with BNP Paribas to provide you with the possibility of obtaining photovoltaics in a subscription on preferential terms, with a reduced interest rate and an extended repayment period. The maximum amount is PLN 60 thousand, and the loan period is up to 120 months. The interest rate is 3.6% per annum. You can receive up to PLN 18,000 based on a statement of earnings or above this amount based on a positive creditworthiness assessment. The subscription amount can be exactly what you are paying for the bills now! We will prepare a cost calculation for you free of charge and provide you with a quick credit decision - even within an hour!


    Would you like to obtain a lease for a photovoltaic installation for your company? A photovoltaic installation is a great decision, both for industry, as well as for shops and offices! The advantage of leasing photovoltaics is the ability to adapt the conditions to the needs of your business. You regulate not only the amount of your down payment but also the monthly leasing instalment and the purchase price of the installation. Thanks to this, you can set the amount of an instalment that will not exceed your current electricity bills. And you won't even notice when it starts to make only profits! The credit decision is made based on a positive assessment of the company's creditworthiness.

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    Frequently asked questions about photovoltaics

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    There are many options for applying for a subsidy or financing for your PV plant. You can use local funding programs, determined independently by the Poviat, Commune or City.

    There is a subsidy program for photovoltaic installations in the Capital City of Warsaw. It amounts to 30% of the actual implementation costs for investments using renewable energy sources, and up to 80% for the public finance sector. For photovoltaic installations, it covers the purchase and assembly of installations with a maximum subsidy value of PLN 15,000.

    The "Connect with energy" program operates in the West Subregion of the Śląskie Voivodeship. The program covers the assembly of renewable energy installations for residential buildings, and the allocated funds will be used to implement over 1,000 photovoltaic installations. We are a Contractor authorized to install installations under the project.

    My Current program

    The priority program "My Electricity" is to contribute to increasing the production of electricity from photovoltaic installations, in particular small installations intended for residential buildings. The budget of the program is PLN 1 billion, which will allow for the non-returnable co-financing of 200,000 installations. As part of the program, you can get a grant of PLN 5,000. The program covers the purchase, assembly, commissioning and acceptance of photovoltaic installations. Under the program, you can only apply for new installations with a capacity of 2kW to 10kW. More information about the My Electricity program for photovoltaics is available at the following link: My Electricity Program - PLN 5,000 from a government subsidy

    Tax relief

    According to the Ordinance of the Ministry of Investments and Development of December 21, 2018 (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 2489), from January 1, 2019, natural persons may settle expenses incurred for thermal modernization purposes from the income tax base. These include expenses for the photovoltaic installation. We can settle the tax relief for the next 6 tax years, up to the maximum amount of PLN 53,000 - both for income tax on general principles, as well as flat rate and lump-sum tax.

    The full act with the legal basis is available here:

    Ordinance of the Minister of Investment and Development of December 21, 2018, on the list of types of building materials, devices and services related to the implementation of thermal modernization projects

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